Utilaj electric de transport LXW 20/30

Efficiency in action

  • Capacitatea de încărcare 3000 kg
  • Capacitate de tractare 6000 kg
  • Viteză 23 km/h

If there is something to be towed

... LXT and LXW are the best partners you could wish for. Versatile, reliable and powerful, they can move up to 35 tonnes from A to B quickly and safely, not only at airports and train stations, but also in awkward environments.

We do efficiency and safety. Thanks to the unique Descent Speed Regulation (DSR), LXT and LXW allow you to travel at the maximum speed the terrain allows. The system automatically adjusts travel speed for the surface, gradient and load. For you, that means maximum handling capacity with total vehicle control.


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The perfect formula: speed x control = maximum efficiency

Our Descent Speed Regulation (DSR) is currently the only one of its kind globally. By responding to the load and inclination angle, speed regulation automatically adjusts the travel speed to the operating conditions meaning you can only travel as fast as your environment allows while also achieving the best handling performance.

No need to compromise with the modular portfolio

The portfolio is sufficiently flexible to meet your wide range of possible applications. The LXT/LXW truck portfolio has a modular design to offer a tailored, customer-specific configuration. Various equipment variants can be optionally selected for a truck that could not be better adapted to its tasks and for a first-class user experience.

As safe as an emergency vehicle

The STILL Flashlight design is based on modern emergency vehicles and simultaneously protects the operator and the truck. The brightly glowing flashing light reliably warns of hazards and is integrated into the contours of the truck in a way that provides optimum protection against damage.

Welcome to the control centre →

Welcome to the control centre

The smart STILL Easy Control on-board computer turns the cockpit into a modern control centre. With the colourful multi-function display, the user has a constant overview of all relevant truck information. Key assignments can be individually adjusted, for example the activation of various driving programmes is possible via the on-board computer.

LXW 20/30 în detaliu

Factorii „pur și simplu eficienți”: caracteristici de performanță ca măsură de eficiență economică

Simply easy

STILL Easy Control:
Constant overview of all relevant information thanks to the large, colour STILL Easy Control display with many individual setting options.

Ready for use at all times:
quick and easy charging and interim charging anytime and anywhere with the quick charging socket and on-board charger.

Simply powerful

Powerful engine drive:
Pulls up to 35 tonnes trailing load thanks to powerful twin-engine drive.

Protection devices:
Ideally prepared for harsh working environments thanks to robust protection devices for the truck and many of its components.

Simply safe

Descent Speed Regulation:
Efficient and safe on any ramp: the unique Descent Speed Regulation (DSR) assistance system automatically regulates travel speed depending on load and tilting angle.

All-round visibility:
Numerous windows, telescopic mirrors and a rear-view camera ensure safe driving with the best all-round visibility.

Simply flexible

Versatile application possibilities:
due to the modular vehicle portfolio and a multitude of individual equipment variants.

Simply connected

Optimal connectable:
Uncomplicated integration of the truck into control systems such as STILL neXXt fleet via an optional interface.

Access protection:
guarantees complete usage control, safety and damage minimisation.

Tehnologie Li-ion de la STILL

Sistemul de alimentare perfect armonizat pentru reducerea costurilor de operare și disponibilitatea sporită a utilajelor.

Mai multe despre tehnologia Li-ion de la STILL


Always a good view

The optional STILL Flashlight, safely installed under the roof, warns people in front and behind the vehicle. The optional roof window, which can be opened, offers the best, clear all-round view through the large windshield, even upwards, as well as additional ventilation.

Quick charging

Safe and fast charging without opening the battery door thanks to the optional quick charging flap.

Configurable driver's cab

The robust operator’s cabin is spacious and can be flexibly configured, e.g. with different doors or additional mirrors.

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Prezentare generală a modelului

Maximum capacity/load (kg)
Maximum towing capacity (kg)
Viteza de deplasare (km/h)
Tensiunea bateriei (V)
LXW 20/Li-Ion 2000 6000 20 80
LXW 30/Li-Ion 3000 6000 23 80



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