Selector vertical EK-X

The new dimension in order picking

  • Capacitatea de încărcare 1000 kg
  • Ridicare nominală 7800 mm
  • Viteză 9 km/h

The king of order picking: the EK-X vertical order picker sets the benchmark in terms of performance, picking height, residual load capacity, functionality and ergonomics. The new EK-X forges ahead into new dimensions of efficient goods handling with driving speeds of up to 9 km/h and lifting speeds of up to 0.4 m/s. There's a perfect EK-X for every requirement and area of use. Three different truck variants are available. All versions are equipped with the OptiSpeed system. The compact warehouse assistant guarantees the highest possible driving speed at all times, without jeopardising driving safety. Other features include an excellent field of view, a roomy shock-absorbing driver's cabin with incredible freedom of movement and a wide range of equipment options. In short, if you want to manage your order-picking warehouse as effectively and user-friendly as possible, you can't do without an EK-X. Moreover, the different variants and modular configuration options allow the optimum EK-X to be custom-built for every warehouse.

Optimum use of storage space:

picking heights of up to 7.8 metres

Large and spacious cabin

for maximum freedom of movement

Optimally adjustable to any warehouse:

customised solution thanks to modular design


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EK-X în detaliu

Factorii „pur și simplu eficienți”: caracteristici de performanță ca măsură de eficiență economică

Simply easy

Particularly sensitive operation and continuous control of lifting speed
thanks to the latest proportional valve technology

Intuitive control through the steering wheel or steering knob

makes it easy for the operator to use all functions, customised to their needs

Optimum user comfort
provided by the spacious shock-protected stand-on platform with integrated presence switch

Quick and easy charging at any time
thanks to optional opportunity charging in lithium-ion variants

Simply powerful

Reliable availability
with powerful, low-maintenance AC drives for driving and lifting

Optimum truck performance for every customer request
thanks to individually configurable driving and lifting speeds

Unrivalled space utilisation
with a reach height of up to 7.8 metres

Optimum handling performance
thanks to smart OptiSpeed assistance system in a range of customised versions

Simply safe

Operating safety guaranteed
with innovative iGo pilot safety aisle safety assistant

Optional tilting barriers allow reduced distance between truck and rack
– for quick, safe and ergonomic order picking

Safe, comfortable and healthy operator's cab
with optional knee and support cushions

Optimum truck and operation safety
with electronic monitoring of battery locking

Simply flexible

Individually configurable for a wide range of uses
thanks to modular truck concept

Accessible pallet
allows the operator to enter the pallet to pick bulky and heavy goods

Flexible operator's cab design
using a mounting bar system for simple integration of tools (optional)

Simply connected

Maximum handling
with intelligent STILL iGo pilot navigation assistance system and automatic bay approach

Simple connection to warehouse management system
for optimum control of goods flow with STILL iGo pilot interface

Optimum truck safety, access protection and damage minimisation
with STILL FleetManager 4.x

Tehnologie Li-ion de la STILL

Sistemul de alimentare perfect armonizat pentru reducerea costurilor de operare și disponibilitatea sporită a utilajelor.

Mai multe despre tehnologia Li-ion de la STILL


Efficient truck utilisation

Thanks to optional two-sided operation

Operator's cabin

Shock-protected floor with integrated drive switch for more driving comfort without obstacles inside the operator's cab

Accessible pallet

Accessible pallet with guard as option for ergonomic order picking of heavy and bulky goods

Safe entry

Simple and safe pallet entry with additional barriers in load direction

Ergonomic order picking

Tilting bar for ergonomic order picking to the last article on the pallet

Preparation 24V Terminal

Optional preparation for the installation of a data terminal, printer and scanner

Collision protection

More safety for the operator, the truck and the warehouse environment thanks to optional collision protection for lifting

STILL Safety Light

Better truck visibility with optional STILL Safety Light for more safety in the warehouse

Support cushion

Additional comfort for the operator thanks to optional support cushion

Lateral battery change

Simple lateral battery change optionally available, and electronic monitoring of battery locking for more operator safety

Personal safety system

Optional personal safety system (PSS) for optimum safety in narrow aisles

Overhead guard

Optional fans on the overhead guard for a comfortable working temperature

Several equipment options

Wide range of application-specific equipment options such as LED headlights, rearview mirror and fans

Additional lift

Optimal ergonomic order picking height at all times thanks to additional lift

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Prezentare generală a modelului

Capacitate maximă (kg)
Înălțimea maximă de ridicare (mm)
Viteza de deplasare (km/h)
Tensiunea bateriei (V)
EK-X/ Li-Ion 1000 7800 9 24



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